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Guides Create/Edit:
The Guides sections: Create and Edit now have a nice WYSIWYG editor in them, this means you can style and edit your guide like you would on word, it will also correctly format if you just make your guide in word and Copy+Paste it over. We are at the moment leaving the tools open to allow everything, abuse this and we will have no choice to close it. There are Form controls but I am not even sure they will properly work so I may remove them.

Another thing, I much recommend still uploading guide images into the Media section on the Manager as this means you can just click then and they will be quickly inserted into the editor, alternatively you can just click the Add Image icon in the editor but this requires the URL, but you can then add external URLs. Youtube you will also be better off doing it via Manager/Media then clicking the thumbnail.

All previous guides should load correctly in, and well enjoy! =)

Server Merge:
Please, please please understand the server merge data is not 100% accurate, it is not trying to be, it is only as accurate as you guys make it. I cant magically know where people will go, especially the Ragnarok server. I dont want to turn of LS movement as a lot of movement is legit and well decided within the LS but please try not move your whole LS if only 2 people have said yes.

It would also help whole heartly if you Registered, Verified your character and then choose your server + lock your selection so we can get a better picture of what the servers will be like. I built the tool to help you guys, I dont know if SE will release any stats, right now they havent, and a lot of people seemed to be worried about some servers populations (especially Ragnarok), if you guys got word out that there is a tool to help and more people got onto the band wagon we could get more accurate information onto the page and provide a better representation of the populations figures.

Thank you.

Achievements Tab on Pads:
This is being replaced, I have pretty much finished it I was just waiting on lovely Rin Zhu to finish the art but looks like that is still going to take a while as its a lot of work, so I am going to put in some place holders for some images missing. (Need images of the Moogle NMs!)

Along with this I will be removing the progress bar that compares you with the highest total achievements because it is not very practical to the individual, especially new players who cannot obtain Guildskills, Physical Level, Shield or seasonal events. It also does not factor in your ignored quests. So its going bye bye.

Everything will be much clearner and there will be less boxes and lines and seperations and such, it will be styled more similar to the Tracker.

And as you know the Achievement Score will be done so that it relates points to ingame, points decided so far:

  • 0 = Guildskills/PL/Shield
  • 1 = Most History Events + Seasonal Quests
  • 5 = Camps
  • 5 = Main Scenario/Class/Side/Grand Company
  • 10 = Primal Battle Quests + Dungeon Grand Company quests
  • 5 = Factions
  • 10 = Low-Level Dungeon NMs, Low-Level/Mid-Level NMs, Faction NMs
  • 20 = High-Level Dungeon NMs, High-Level NMs, Stronghold NMs
  • 30 = Primal NMs
  • 5 = Hitting Level 50 on a class (90 in Total)
  • 10 = Hitting Level 50 on all classes (Bringing the above to 100)
  • 9001 = Being a pads member (lols i kid)

The Achievement! ingame ui achievements will be scored identical to their respective in game values. Tally Events will be scored similar to this, so for example “Let the bodies hit the floor” which is the kill 100k enemies provides you with 30 points, so the History Event that is identical will also be 30 points.

So my only concerns really now are, is this scoring system OK? and what should I do about Imperial Events as these are more unique and change per patch, should I provide points for them as they are engaging and such or not because if you miss them, you cannot do them once removed. I will let you guides decide. Also, should I provide points for: Obtaining Chocobo? Being the “Hero of the week”? Getting Airship Pass? Etc, these are all logged as History Events, but not in the in-game ui achievements. Yes/No!?…

July 20, 2017

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